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Taq uninstall is a core CLI task used to uninstall Taqueria plugins

The uninstall task does two things:

  • Removes the plugin from the Taqueria configuration and cache
  • Removes the package and dependencies from node_modules

To uninstall a plugin, it must be installed on the project

Plugin Implementations

This task can be used to uninstall the following plugins:

Core@taqueria/plugin-coreContains core utility tasks provided by Taqueria
Archetype@taqueria/plugin-archetypeA compiler for the Archetype smart contract language
Contract Types@taqueria/plugin-contract-typesA type generator that produces TS types from Michelson code
Flextesa@taqueria/plugin-flextesaA Tezos sandbox (testnet) that runs locally on your machine
IPFS Pinata@taqueria/plugin-ipfs-pinataPublishes metadata or media files to IPFS via Pinata
Metadata@taqueria/plugin-metadataCreate JSON files containing TZIP-16 compliant metadata for a smart contract
Jest@taqueria/plugin-jestProvides support for Jest testing
LIGO@taqueria/plugin-ligoA compiler for the LIGO smart contract language
SmartPy@taqueria/plugin-smartpyA compiler for the SmartPy smart contract language
Taquito@taqueria/plugin-taquitoA front-end Tezos framework used to originate smart contracts
Octez Client@taqueria/plugin-octez-clientAn abstraction of octez-client, providing simulation and typechecking


taq uninstall <pluginName>

Task Details

Task NameCommandTypeDescription
uninstalltaq uninstall <pluginName>Core CLIUninstalls the plugin provided

Command-Line Arguments

ArgumentRequiredDescriptionExample Usage
<pluginName>YesThe name of the plugintaq uninstall @taqueria/plugin-ligo


Uninstall a plugintaq uninstall <pluginName>Uninstalls a Taqueria plugin from the project