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The Taquito plugin provides stateful tasks to originate and interact with smart contracts in Tezos sandboxes or testnets


To install the Taquito plugin on a Taqueria project, navigate to the project folder and run:

taq install @taqueria/plugin-taquito


The target networks, sandboxes, and environments are configured in the Taqueria project's config.json file. For additional information on configuring network, documentation can be found here

The taq originate task

Basic usage is:

taq originate <filename>

Basic description

The Taquito plugin exposes a taq originate (or taq deploy) task in Taqueria which will originate the specified Michelson contract to a Taqueria environment.

This will originate a Michelson .tz file in the /artifacts directory to the default environment (the sandbox named local).

By default, the storage value used for origination will live in a file named, in /artifacts, where CONTRACT is the name of the contract to originate. If it can't find it, it'll not originate the contract. Alternatively, you can explicitly specify a storage file with the --storage option described below.

After origination, an alias will be created to refer to the originated contract's address in config.json, in the targeted environment. By default, the name of the alias will be the name of the contract, without the .tz extension. If this alias already exists in the environment you're originating the contract to, then the address will be overriden with the new address. As such, the alias will always refer to the address of the latest origination of the contract. This facilitates hot reloading when doing dApp development.


  • To target a different environment, use the --env flag with the named Taqueria environment you want to target. E.g. taq originate filename -e jakartanetEnv.

  • To originate a contract with a specific storage value, use the --storage flag and supply the name of the storage file that contains the storage value. E.g. taq originate filename --storage

  • To provide an alias for the originated contract explicitly, use the --alias flag and supply a name.

The taq transfer task

Basic usage is:

taq transfer <contract alias or address>

Basic description

The Taquito plugin exposes a taq transfer (or taq call) task in Taqueria which will call the specified Michelson contract deployed to a Taqueria environment (default environment is one with sandbox named local).

This allows interactions from implicit accounts to implicit or smart contract accounts.


  • To target a different environment, use the --env flag with the named Taqueria environment you want to target.

  • By default, the amount of tez sent is 0. Use the --tez flag to specify an amount you want.

  • By default, the parameter is Unit. Use the --param flag to specify a filename, in /artifacts, that contains the content of the parameter for the transfer/call.

  • By default, the entrypoint is default, which points to no specific annotated entrypoint. Use --entrypoint to specify an annotated entrypoint to call. E.g. if the parameter type of a Michelson contract is (or (or (int %decrement) (int %increment)) (unit %reset)), then there are two ways to call the increment entrypoint, with parameter (Left (Right 14)) or with parameter 14 if your command contains --entrypoint increment.


taq call counter --param will call a smart contract aliased as counter in the default environment with the parameter contained in that .tz file, transferring 0 tez.

taq transfer tz1VSUr8wwNhLAzempoch5d6hLRiTh8Cjcjb --tez 20 will transfer 20 tez to that address, which is some implicit account.


transfer and call are exactly the same task. They are synonyms.

Plugin Architecture

This is a plugin developed for Taqueria built on NodeJS using the Taqueria Node SDK