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The SmartPy plugin provides tasks to work with SmartPy smart contracts written in the legacy syntax (up to SmartPy v0.16) such as compiling and testing.


  • Taqueria v0.42.0 or later
  • Node.js v18.18 or later.
  • Docker v20.10.12 or later
  • Python 3 and pdoc


To install the SmartPy plugin on a Taqueria project, navigate to the project folder and run:

taq install @taqueria/plugin-smartpy-legacy

To override the SmartPy version used by the plugin, create an environmental variable TAQ_SMARTPY_VERSION and set it appropriately, e.g. v0.16.0

The taq compile Task

Basic usage is:

taq compile <contractName>

The compile task is implemented by more than one compiler plugin (SmartPy, Archetype, SmartPy). If more than one of these plugins are installed on a project, you need to use the --plugin smartpy flag to specify a particular compiler

Basic description

The SmartPy plugin exposes a compile task in Taqueria which can target one SmartPy contract in the contracts folder and compile it to a Michelson .tz file output to the artifacts folder

A frictionless smart contract development workflow

We provide a smooth SmartPy workflow for our SmartPy plugin by making it easier to get started and maintain the contracts. You can get started by simply performing taq compile then taq deploy (or taq deploy --env testing to deploy to ghostnet) and now you've deployed a contract originally written in SmartPy

To benefit from this workflow, users will have to define all compilation and expression compilation targets in their main SmartPy contract file and the compile task will compile them all and copy the relevant artifacts (contract, storage, and expression files) to the artifacts folder. All other artifacts will be stored under artifacts/.smartpy

Compilation targets in SmartPy produce both the contract and its storage Michelson files. We will name them using the following naming convention: <CONTRACT_NAME>.storage.<COMPILATION_TARGET_NAME>.tz. But the first of these is special and will be called: <CONTRACT_NAME> (the deploy task of the Taquito plugin will deem this as the default initial storage value)

Expression compilation targets in SmartPy produce only the expression Michelson files (can be useful as parameter values used to invoke entrypoints with the transfer task of the Taquito plugin). We will name these generated .tz files using the following naming convention: <CONTRACT_NAME>.expression.<COMPILATION_TARGET_NAME>.tz


The --json flag will make the task emit JSON-encoded Michelson instead of pure Michelson .tz

The taq compile-all Task

Basic usage is:

taq compile-all

It works just like the compile task but it compiles all contracts with at least one SmartPy compilation target.

The taq test Task

Basic usage is:

taq test <fileName>

Basic description

This task tests the SmartPy source code and reports either a failure or success

Plugin Architecture

This is a plugin developed for Taqueria built on NodeJS using the Taqueria Node SDK and distributed via NPM