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The Taqueria Metadata plugin provides an easy way to create a json file containing TZIP-16 compliant metadata related to a smart contract


  • Taqueria v0.42.0 or later
  • Node.js v18.18 or later.


To install the metadata plugin on a Taqueria project, navigate to the project folder and run:

taq install @taqueria/plugin-metadata


There is no configuration required to run the plugin


The Metadata plugin provides an interactive CLI interface that collects basic contract metadata fields as outlined in TZIP-16 specification, and generates a compliant JSON file that can be uploaded to IPFS

The metadata fields collected are:

nameName of the contract
versionVersion of the contract
descriptionDescription of the contract
authorsList of authors
homepageHomepage associated with the contract
licenseType of license e. g. ISC, MIT
interfacesList of interfaces

To save time in multi-contract projects, taq generate-project-metadata can be run. This will collect project level metadata fields which are then provided as the default values for each subsequent invocation of taq generate-metadata <contractName>

The plugin exposes two tasks:

  • taq generate-metadata <contractName> - Generates TZIP-16 compliant metadata for a contract in JSON format
  • taq generate-project-metadata - Generates project level metadata that is written to .taq/config.json

Contract metadata is output into a JSON file in the artifacts directory, while project metadata is added to .taq/config.json as seen here:

    "metadata": {
"name": "string",
"projectDescription": "string",
"authors": [
"homepage": "url",
"license": "string"


taq generate-metadata <contractName>

The generate-metadata task starts an interactive interface that collects the relavent fields via CLI prompts and outputs a TZIP-16 compliant metadata file in JSON format


The contract may, or may not exist yet

Command Structure

taq generate-metadata <contractName>


The metadata generate-metadata task will accept the following required parameters:

contractNameThe contract name (the contract may exist, or may not exist)

Task Properties

command'generate-metadata < contractName >'

taq generate-project-metadata

The generate-project-metadata task collects project-level metadata fields which are added to config.json. Once generated, these values will be used as defaults when generating contract metadata

Command Structure

taq generate-project-metadata


The generate-project-metadata task not not have any additional parameters or options

Task Properties



The user flow for each task is outlined below

Generating or updating a metadata file for a contract

  • Prompt the user for standard metadata fields, providing default values
  • If metadata already exists for a contract, it will use existing values as the default prompt values
  • If contractName is not provided, it will prompt for contractName
  • For a new contract metadata, it will find other contracts metadata and use those for the default values for common fields like authors, license, homepage this eliminates an extra step to define/register project metadata, but project metadata will be used as a priority if available

Generating project metadata

  • Add the project metadata to .taq/config.json
  • Add the project metadata schema

Default Value Priority

Summary of priority for default values:

  • 1st Priority: Previous Values
  • 2nd Priority: Project Values
  • 3rd Priority: Existing Contract Metadata Values
  • 4th Priority: Other Contract Values

Plugin Architecture

This is a plugin developed for Taqueria built on NodeJS using the Taqueria Node SDK and distributed via NPM