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Scaffold Basics

Taqueria provides support for scaffold projects. These projects offer a quick and easy way to clone and launch Taqueria projects that can be used for learning or as a starting point for your own projects

Scaffolds are Taqueria projects that come with Taqueria already installed and configured. They can be accessed directly in Taqueria with the taq scaffold task which clones, initializes, and sets-up the project with a single command. Some scaffolds are full stack projects, while others are focused on smart contract development

The taq scaffold task

Scaffolding is done through the taq scaffold task


This task is hidden when the current working directory is already a Taqueria project

The structure of the task is:

taq scaffold <scaffoldUrl> [destinationDir]

Building and Starting Scaffolds

During the scaffolding process, a setup script is run. This will install the required dependencies and set-up the project. To run the setup script manually, change into the project directory and run:

npm run setup

To start the project (can be different depending on which scaffold), run the following command that is applicable to the scaffolded project:

npm run start


npm run start:app

Available scaffolds

The following scaffolds are currently available:

Getting Started with LIGO scaffold to get off the ground quickly with LIGO
Taco Shop stack dApp with a simple contract to sell tacos
Getting Started with TzCompose interdependent contracts with ease