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Taqueria Installation Basics

Installing Taqueria is a quick and easy process if you understand a few basic concepts and follow the steps outlined in this guide

There are two main components you can install:

  • The Taqueria CLI (required)
  • The VS Code plugin for Taqueria (optional)

The Taqueria CLI is required to use the VS Code extension and as such, must be installed first


Taqueria CLI

  • Node.js v16.16 or later. (v17.x.x or later is not supported)
  • A compatible operating system:
    • MacOS
    • Linux
    • Windows (via WSL 2)
  • Docker v20.10.12 or later

Installing the Taqueria CLI


The Taqueria CLI is an executable binary named taq, installed globally in your shell's $PATH

Installing the Taqueria CLI involves the following steps:

  1. Download the correct build of Taqueria for your operating system
  2. Make the Taqueria binary taq executable
  3. Add taq to your shell's $PATH

Once these steps are complete, you will be able to run Taqueria from your terminal using the taq command

OS Specific Instructions

  1. Download the latest MacOS build of Taqueria
curl -LO
  1. Make the binary file executable
chmod +x taq
  1. Move the binary to a directory in your shell's $PATH
sudo mv taq /usr/local/bin
  1. Disable MacOS Gatekeeper to allow Taqueria to run
sudo spctl --master-disable

Currently the taq binary is not signed for Mac OS. In order to run Taqueria, users must disable MacOS Gatekeeper (This is not ideal)
This is a temporary workaround until we can sign the binaries (see #129)

If you want to re-enable the MacOS Gatekeeper later on, run the command
sudo spctl --master-enable

Test the CLI

At this point, Taqueria should be installed and ready to use. You can test this by running the following command:

taq --version

You should see the version of Taqueria installed output:


If you see this, you have successfully installed the Taqueria CLI!

Installing the VS Code Extension (optional)

The Taqueria VS Code Extension is installed from the Extensions pane within VS Code. The steps to install are:

  1. Open the Extensions pane
  2. Type Taqueria in the search bar
  3. Click install