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Taqueria Roadmap

This roadmap indicates high level features which are in development, planning, or have been released

In Development

These features will be launching in upcoming releases:

  • Scaffold registry
  • Complex origination workflows
  • Contract metadata support
  • CI integration with CI/CD tests
  • Multi-file smart contract compilation, origination, and testing
  • Token metadata support

On the Horizon

  • Contract metadata with support for off-chain events and errors
  • Versioning of smart contracts
  • Sandbox baking
  • Full SmartPy support
  • Explorer integration
  • Account integration
  • Formal proof of verification for smart contracts



For full detail on changes, fixes, and improvements made in each release, please refer to the Taqueria Release Page

  • May 2022

    • Smart contract testing with the Jest plugin @taqueria/plugin-jest
    • Taqueria State
    • Implicit accounts
    • @taqueria/state library
  • April 2022:

    • Added the Archetype plugin
    • Implemented several scaffolds
    • Added the Tezos-Client plugin
  • March 2022:

    • Major refactor to the taqueria-sdk library
    • Improvements and bugfixes for the Flextesa plugin
    • Updated the UX for the Taquito plugin
    • Added Michelson types to the Contract Types plugin
  • February 2022:

    • Project scaffolding
    • TS Type Generation from files which includes:
      • A new Taqueria NPM plugin: @taqueria/plugin-contract-types
      • Awareness of generated types in VS Code Extension
        • Intellisense tooltips for contract parameters
        • Compile time type checking for TS types
  • January 2022:
    • CLI
    • Visual Studio Code Extension
    • Initialization of a Tezos Project
    • A demo smart contract and app, hello-tacos
    • Compile LIGO and SmartPy smart contracts
    • Using a local sandbox with test accounts
    • SDK for developers to build their own plugins
    • Origination to local, test, and main networks
    • Several plugins:
      • LIGO
      • SmartPy
      • Taquito
      • Flextesa