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Data Collection Policy

Help improve Taqueria by sharing anonymous usage data!

Scope of Data Collected

With consent, Taqueria will collect anonymous usage statistics. Taqueria collects the data points for:

  • An anonymous, randomly generated user ID - to count the number of active users
  • The version of Taqueria used - to understand how many of our users are on the latest version of Taqueria
  • The task executed by the user - to determine which Taqueria functionality is most useful to our users
  • Whether the task was executed via the Taqueria CLI or Visual Studio Code Extension - to determine how many of our users are using the different ways to interact with Taqueria
  • Timestamp of when the Taqueria task was performed - to determine trends about how Taqueria is used over time
  • Operating system of the user - to inform future product decisions

Privacy Policy

Taqueria is committed to preserving user privacy and gathering usage analytics in compliance with the ECAD Labs privacy policy