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Taqueria Plugins

Plugins are how Taqueria gets things done. Each plugin implements a specific function such as a smart contract compiler, sandbox, or test framework. A plugin will provide one or more tasks that you can use in Taqueria

Taqueria is designed to be flexible, streamlined, and customizable so plugins are installed on a per-project basis depending on the particular needs of the project

Once installed, plugins provide their functionality by exposing tasks in the Taqueria CLI. The tasks available to run on a particular project can be viewed by running the taq --help command in a project directory that's using Taqueria.


If you aren't seeing tasks listed when running taq, make sure that you are in the correct project folder and that you have successfully installed that particular plugin on that project taq install @taqueria/<plugin-name>

During installation, NPM packages for the plugin are downloaded into the project folder and the plugin is registered in .taq/config.json

Available Plugins

Core@taqueria/plugin-coreContains core utility tasks provided by Taqueria
Archetype@taqueria/plugin-archetypeA compiler for the Archetype smart contract language
Contract Types@taqueria/plugin-contract-typesA type generator that produces TS types from Michelson code
Flextesa@taqueria/plugin-flextesaA Tezos sandbox (testnet) that runs locally on your machine
IPFS Pinata@taqueria/plugin-ipfs-pinataPublishes metadata or media files to IPFS via Pinata
Metadata@taqueria/plugin-metadataCreate JSON files containing TZIP-16 compliant metadata for a smart contract
Jest@taqueria/plugin-jestProvides support for Jest testing
LIGO@taqueria/plugin-ligoA compiler for the LIGO smart contract language
SmartPy@taqueria/plugin-smartpyA compiler for the SmartPy smart contract language
Taquito@taqueria/plugin-taquitoA front-end Tezos framework used to originate and interact with smart contracts
Octez Client@taqueria/plugin-octez-clientAn abstraction of octez-client, providing simulation and typechecking