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LIGO Plugin

The LIGO plugin provides a task to compile LIGO smart contracts to Michelson .tz files


  • Taqueria v0.0.6 or later
  • Node.js v16 or later
  • Docker v0.8.4 or later


To install the LIGO plugin on a Taqueria project, navigate to the project folder and run:

taq install @taqueria/plugin-ligo

At this time, all Taqueria projects must also be initialized as node projects by running npm init -y from the root of your project directory


No additional configuration is available


The LIGO plugin exposes a compile task in Taqueria which can target one, or all the LIGO contracts in the contracts folder and compile them to Michelson .tz files output to the artifacts folder

Running the Compile Task

The LIGO plugin's taq compile task can be run with or without arguments. The basic syntax for the task is taq compile <file-name>

Running the compile task with no options will result in any source LIGO smart contracts in the contracts folder being compiled to Michelson files in the artifacts folder. If you speficy an optional filename, only LIGO contracts matching the specified filename in the contracts folder will be compiled


The compile task can be implemented by more than one compiler plugin installed on a project (LIGO, SmartPY). If this is the case, you must use the --plugin ligo flag to specify a particular compiler


The LIGO compile task will accept the following optional parameters:

-eentry-pointThe entry point that will be compiled
-ssyntaxThe syntax used in the contract
-iinferEnable type inference

Plugin Architecture

This is a plugin developed for Taqueria built on NodeJS using the Taqueria Node SDK

Docker is used under the hood to provide a self contained environment for LIGO to prevent the need for it to be installed on the user's local machine

The plugin provides a single task compile, used for compiling LIGO smart contracts to Michelson:

command'compile [sourceFile]
aliases['c', 'compile-ligo']