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NPM Package CICD Pipeline

Pull Request NPM Package CICD Behaviour

After submitting a pull request to the main branch of the Taqueria repository, the CICD will start building and publishing npm packages to The install instructions are then commented on the PR and will look similar to the following:

npm package installation instructions
npm install @taqueria/plugin-ligo@0.0.0-pr-155-d8b3d05
npm install @taqueria/plugin-smartpy@0.0.0-pr-155-d8b3d05
npm install @taqueria/plugin-taquito@0.0.0-pr-155-d8b3d05
npm install @taqueria/node-sdk@0.0.0-pr-155-d8b3d05

The structure of the package name and version is as follows


All information regarding the pull request and the commit that triggered the build is available in the package version name. The 0.0.0 version number is used because npm packages require a semver versioning scheme.

Each plugin is published to with the preview tag and one can install the latest version using npm install @taqueria/node-sdk@preview