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stop sandbox


Taq stop sandbox is used to stop a running sandbox

The task will fail if the sandbox is not running, or if the sandbox was started from a different project


Sandbox configuration is done in config.json and additional documentation about adding new named sandboxes can be found in the sandbox configuration documentation

Plugin Implementations

This task is implemented by the following plugins:

Plugin NameDescription
@taqueria/plugin-flextesaProvides Flextesa sandboxes


taq stop sandbox <sandboxName>

Task Details

Task NameCommandTypeDescription
stop sandboxtaq stop sandbox <sandboxName>Plugin - sandboxesStops the sandbox with the provided name

Command-Line Arguments

ArgumentRequiredDescriptionExample Usage
<sandboxName>YesName of the sandbox to stop (from config.jsontaq stop sandbox jakarta_sandbox


Stop the default sandboxtaq stop sandbox localStops the default sandbox named local