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Taq test is used to initialize test partitions and run tests in Taqueria. Taqueria Partitions are directories that contain test configurations and test specs. You can easily run all tests in a given partition by passing the name of the partition to the test command


If you run taq test without any arguments, it will initialize a default test partition in a directory called /tests

Plugin Implementations

This task is implemented by the following plugins:

Plugin NameDescription
@taqueria/plugin-jestInitializes Jest configurations and runs tests


taq test [partition]

Task Details

Task NameCommandTypeDescription
testtaq test [partition]Plugin - testingRuns the tests in the provided partition (directory)

Command-Line Arguments

ArgumentRequiredShortflagDescriptionExample Usage
[partition]NoThe name of the partition (test dir) to targettaq test e2e-tests
testPatternNo-tThe environment to target for originationtaq test -t /e2e/gms
initNo-iInitialize a new test partitiontaq test -i integration-tests


Run all tests in the default directorytaq testRuns all test specs found in the default partition (/tests directory)
Initialize a new test partitiontaq test [partition] --initCreates a new test partition named with the provided name
Run all tests in a given partitiontaq test [partition]Runs all test specs found in the provided partition (directory)
Run tests matching a given test patterntaq test -testPattern [regex]Runs the tests that match the provided regex expression