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Taq simulate is used to simulate the behavior of an entrypoint in a given smart contract. It takes an initial storage value, and the input parameters of the entrypoint and will execute the associated code on a running Flextesa sandbox, and return the results


taq simulate is executed by a Tezos node. The current implementation of the Tezos Client plugin requires a running Flextesa node. Before running taq typecheck, you will need to install the Flextesa plugin and start up a sandbox taq start sandbox local

Plugin Implementations

This task is implemented by the following plugins:

Plugin NameDescription
@taqueria/plugin-tezos-clientProvides an abstraction of tezos-client


taq simulate <file> <input> [sandboxName] [storage]

The storage parameter is mandatory, but can be omitted if the contract has an initial storage value defined in config.json

Task Details

Task NameAliasesCommandTypeDescription
simulatesimtaq simulate <file> <input> [sandboxName] [storage]Plugin - nodesSimulates the execution of a smart contract call

Command-Line Arguments

-ssandboxNameThe name of the sandbox to target
--storagestorageThe initial storage value for the contract
--entryPointentryPointThe annotated name of the entrypoint to call
ArgumentRequiredShortflagDescriptionExample Usage
<file>YesPath to the Michelson file to usetaq simulate 1
<inputData>YesMichelson encoded input parameterstaq simulate 1
--sandboxNameNo-sPath to the Michelson file to usetaq simulate 1 -s jakarta_sandbox
--storageYesThe storage value to used for the simulationtaq simulate 1 --storage
--entryPointNo-eThe entrypoint to call in the smart contracttaq simulate 1 --entryPoint increment