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list accounts


Taq list accounts is a task exposed by the Flextesa plugin which lists the accounts and balances that exist


In order to use this plugin, you must first install the Flextesa plugin taq install @taqueria/plugin-flextesa, and have a sandbox started on the project taq start sandbox [sandboxName]

Plugin Implementations

This task is implemented by the following plugins:

Plugin NameDescription
@taqueria/plugin-flextesaProvides Flextesa sandboxes


taq list accounts <sandboxName>

Task Details

Task NameCommandTypeDescription
list accountstaq list accounts <sandboxName>Plugin - sandboxesLists the accounts and balances that exist on the sandbox

Command-Line Arguments

ArgumentRequiredDescriptionExample Usage
<sandboxName>YesThe name of the sandbox to query (configured in .taq/config.json)taq list accounts local


List accounts on the <local> sandboxtaq list accounts <sandboxName>Lits the accounts on the default sandbox named local