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Taq typecheck is used to run a typecheck on a Michelson source file. The task expects the Michelson file(s) to be located in the /artifacts directory


Typechecking is executed by a Tezos node. The current implementation of the Tezos Client plugin requires a running Flextesa node. Before running taq typecheck, you will need to install the Flextesa plugin and start up a sandbox taq start sandbox local

Plugin Implementations

This task is implemented by the following plugins:

Plugin NameDescription
@taqueria/plugin-tezos-clientProvides an abstraction of tezos-client


taq typecheck [file] [sandboxName]

Task Details

Task NameAliasesCommandTypeDescription
typechecktctaq typecheck [file]Plugin - nodesRuns a typecheck on one or more Michelson contracts

Command-Line Arguments

ArgumentRequiredShortflagDescriptionExample Usage
[file]NoName of the Michelson file to typechecktaq typecheck
[sandboxName]No-sName of the sandbox to usetaq typecheck -s jakarta_sandbox


Typecheck all Michelson filestaq typecheckTypechecks each Michelson file in /artifacts against the default sandbox
Typecheck one Michelson filetaq typecheck example.tzTypechecks the file against the default sandbox
Typecheck two Michelson filestaq typecheck example2.tzTypechecks the files and against the default sandbox
Typecheck files with a custom sandboxtaq typecheck -s jakarta_sandboxTypechecks each Michelson file in /artifacts against the default sandbox