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Taq scaffold is a task used to retrieve and initialize a Taqueria scaffold. Scaffolds are pre-existing Taqueria projects which are useful as a starting point for a new project, or as a learning aid. For more information about scaffolds, see the scaffold documentation

When the scaffold task is run, Taqueria does several things:

  • Clones the scaffold repository
  • Removes the .git directory from the project
  • Taq'ifies the project and generates the cache by running taq and taq init
  • Runs the setup script defined in scaffold.json. This will install dependencies and build the Taqueria project and dApp if one exists

Once this is done, you can run npm run start from the appropriate directory to start the project and start interacting with the dApp and contracts


The scaffold task will accept any valid git repository for the <url> parameter and will clone it as git clone would do. The task will also run taq init and taq on the project. However, the setup script will not be run as scaffold.json is unlikely to exist and there may be further steps required to get the project fully taq'ified

Plugin Implementations

This task is implemented by the following plugins:

Plugin NameDescription
N/ACore task - no plugin implementations


taq scaffold [url] [path]

Command-Line Arguments

ArgumentRequiredDescriptionExample Usage
[url]NoURL of the scaffold repositorytaq scaffold
[path]NoPath to the folder you would like to scaffold intotaq scaffold myNewDir

Task Details

Task NameCommandTypeDescription
scaffoldtaq scaffold [url] [path]Core CLIRetrieves and initializes a Taqueria Scaffold


Scaffold the default projecttaq scaffoldScaffolds the default (taqueria-scaffold-taco-shop) project