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Taqueria plugins are able to define templates that can be used to generate project components such as contracts, tests, or operations. Templates are exposed via plugins and use the create task to create the templates output

Available Templates

Template< template >PluginCommandDescription
Ligo contractcontract@taqueria\plugin-ligotaq create contract <path>Instantiates a new Ligo contract at the provided <path>
Archetype contractarchetypeContract@taqueria\plugin-archetypetaq create contract <path>Instantiates a new Archetype contract at the provided <path>
Generate tests for Michelson contractcontract-test@taqueria\plugin-jesttaq create contract-test <contractName>Instantiates a new test suite (or entire tests folder including jest config) for a contract

Using Templates

To use a template, you first need to install the appropriate plugin, then use the create task

The structure of the create task is:

taq create <template> <path/contractName>

Positional Arguments

  • template: The name of the template to use (see above)
  • path: The path to the file to create (ie: contracts/newContract.jsligo)
  • contractName: The path to the file to use as a source (ie: