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The NFT Scaffold Project

Scaffold Details
Automated TestsNo
Installed PluginsLIGO, Taquito, Flextesa, Contract Types, IPFS-Pinata
Frontend DappYes
Wallet IntegrationYes

The NFT-Scaffold project is currently in alpha. It is not ready for production use and will be undergoing frequent updates as we work to implement Taqueria State and other features that have not yet been released

Project Setup

  1. Scaffold the project by running:
taq scaffold nft-quickstart
  1. Change into the /taqueria directory inside the newly created project directory:
cd nft-quickstart/taqueria
  1. Create the file .env inside the /taqueria directory
touch .env
  1. Get your Pinata JWT token from your Pinata account

  2. Add the token to the .env file you created:

echo "pinataJwtToken=eyJhbGc..." >> .env
  1. Start the Taqueria project by running the start script:
npm run start:taqueria:local

Taqueria's provisioning system is work-in-progress. However, the provisioning system prototype will closely resemble the version that will be shipped with Taqueria later this year

  1. Apply the Provisions
npm run apply
  1. Start the dApp:
npm run start:app

Use the Dapp (served in your browser at http://localhost:3000) by connecting a wallet and using the web UI

Project Structure

  • app

    • Minimal create react app
    • Call contract methods
    • Access contract storage
  • taqueria

    • Everything related to the contract
    • taqueria/.taq
      • Taqueria config folder, including setup for all required plugins
    • taqueria/contracts
      • The contract .ligo code
    • taqueria/artifacts
      • The compiled contract (*.tz file)
    • taqueria/types
      • The contract typescript typing
    • taqueria/assets
      • The NFT assets to upload