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The Tezos Client plugin provides tasks to analyze contracts including type checking and simulating of Michelson (.tz) smart contracts. They both execute against a protocol (currently jakarta). We'll enable a --protocol flag in the future to allow users to specify a protocol to use


This plugin no longer relies on the Flextesa plugin.


  • Node.js v16 or later
  • Docker v0.8.2 or later
  • Taqueria v0.8.0 or later


To install the Tezos Client plugin on a Taqueria project, navigate to the project folder and run:

taq install @taqueria/plugin-tezos-client

The taq typecheck task

Basic usage is:

taq typecheck <filename>

Basic description

This task typechecks a Michelson file in /artifacts and ouputs a result suggesting a failure or success

The taq simulate task

Basic usage is:

taq simulate <filename> <--param paramFilename>

Basic description

This task runs a Michelson file in /artifacts as a simulation and ouputs a result suggesting a failure or success. If it's a success, it shows the updated storage value, emitted operations, and big map differences


  • By default, the storage file it will use to simulate the contract is where CONTRACT is the name of the contract. If you wish to specify another storage file in /artifacts, use the --storage flag

  • The --param flag is mandatory and you must supply the filename, in /artifacts, that contains the actual parameter value

  • By default, the entrypoint is default, which points to no specific annotated entrypoint. Use --entrypoint to specify an annotated entrypoint to call. E.g. if the parameter type of a Michelson contract is (or (or (int %decrement) (int %increment)) (unit %reset)), then there are two ways to call the increment entrypoint, with parameter (Left (Right 14)) or with parameter 14 if your command contains --entrypoint increment

Plugin Architecture

This is a plugin developed for Taqueria built on NodeJS using the Taqueria Node SDK